Empire Period Silver Ewer with Lion’s Head Spout


This very striking Parisian silver ewer dates from the Empire Period, and is hallmarked on its base with official silver standard and guarantee marks, including a cockerel, showing that it was made in Paris between 1798 and 1809. Pyriform in shape, this lovely jug has a plain body, adorned at the base of the neck and around its rim with a frieze of water leaves. It rests on a tripod base, with three claw feet and ornate palmettes where they fasten onto the body. The spout has been crafted in the shape of a lion’s head, the square-topped handle is made from shaped and blackened wood, and the lid boasts an acorn finial. A ewer such as this would probably have been used to serve water or wine, but given its decorative style, it could have served equally well as a work of art or a functional object.

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Dimensions 20,5 × 13 × 33 cm

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