A fine 19th century Aubusson Verdure tapestry


A particularly fine 19th century Aubusson Verdure tapestry, depicting a landscape scene of the French countryside, with a castle in the background and birds foraging amidst the lush foliage next to a trickling stream – typical of the rustic style for which Aubusson became renowned. A four-sided border of tumbling foliage surrounds the scene. Woven in wool, with predominant brown and green colours, this exquisite piece of art is a beautiful example of an Aubusson Verdure tapestry, with its emphasis on dense foliage, greenery, fauna and flowers, which combine to portray a supremely tranquil setting. At over 2m long, this captivating piece would look breath-taking as a wall hanging in a spacious room.

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Dimensions 215,5 × 162,5 cm