19th Century Leather Studded Folding Screen with Three Panels


A 19th century studded leather three-sectional folding screen, or room divider, its decorative leather panels backed with canvas, and stretched over a hinged wooden frame. This unusual and impressive screen features the remnants of a hand-etched and painted design of young women in a garden setting on its upper portions, with geometric shapes and motifs covering the three lower halves. Brass studs have been generously added to the wooden frame to secure the leather and create an extra element of interest. The screen does show some signs of age-related usage, with some losses and and peelings in places, but this only adds to its charm. Originally designed as a highly functional furniture piece, this screen would have been used to create separate or private areas within a room, its panels being arranged as necessary, or displayed ‘accordian style’ for visual interest.

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Dimensions 138 × 3 × 180 cm

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