19th Century Rustic Pétrin, or Kneading Table


A rare French 19th century hand-crafted ‘Pétrin’ table with removable top, originally constructed for the purpose of kneading, proving and storing bread dough, and sometimes referred to as a ‘dough bin’ or ‘trough’. Dough for bread and pastry was kept in the box for storage, before being taken out by lifting the lid, kneaded on the polished tabletop, and then placed back inside the trough again to prove. The bread was then baked in the fireplace or bread oven, before being stored in a panetière (breadbox). Solid and well constructed, this wonderful example of a once commonplace item in the kitchens of old France features three false drawer fronts in its apron, and sturdy ‘breadboard ends’ on its top. With its rustic beauty and utilitarian heritage, this amazing antique find is sure to be a talking point in any home and enjoyed for many more years to come.

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Dimensions 145,5 × 65 × 76,5 cm

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