Trumeau (or ‘pier glass’) mirror – Diana the Huntress


An antique French ‘trumeau’ (or ‘pier glass’) mirror in white lacquered wood, picked out in gold, dating from the Restoration period, and featuring an oil on canvas depiction of Diana the Huntress accompanied by her servant on its upper half, with a mirror below.

This piece would have originally been set into the wood panelling or wall space between two windows, or over the fireplace mantel – the mirrored portion being designed to amplify the light of a candle set before it, to add a reflective, decorative element to the wall, and to allow additional light to be thrown into the room. Please note that there are signs of some historic restoration to the canvas itself, as well as some small repairs to the gilding.

Circa 1815.

Found in a castle in Provence.


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Dimensions 84,5 × 123 cm

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