Louis XVI Style Convex Wall Mirror


A very ornate and striking convex mirror, or ‘Miroir Sorcière’ (witch’s mirror) in carved and gilded wood. Circular in shape, the mirror plate itself is displayed within a double border of first ‘string of pearls’ beading and, secondly, one of ‘twisted rope’. The design is topped with an exuberant knotted ribbon carving, very much in the style of Louis XVI. In France, as in other parts of northern Europe in the middle ages, the convex mirror was attributed magical powers – hence the association with witches. It was thought that, like a huge eye, the convex mirror could observe all around it and repel ill-forces. As such, it was customary to place at least one of these next to a door or window in the home to prevent the entry of evil. This beautiful example is nicely aged by the passage of time, with some wear to the gilt in places, which only adds to its character.

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Dimensions 35 × 2 × 52 cm

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