Bronze Statue ‘Mignon’ by A.E. Gaudez


Adrien-Étienne GAUDEZ (1845-1902). “Mignon”. A superb late 19th century patinated bronze statue of a young girl leaning against a tree, holding a lute. The young girl, Mignon, is modelled on a character from the ‘opéra comique’ of the same name, an opera in three acts by Ambroise Thomas (1811– 1896), and first performed in 1866. The statue has a wonderfully aged brown patina, nuanced with gold, and is inscribed “Mignon par A Gaudez, Hors Concours’ in a cartouche on the front of its integral circular plinth. Please note some minor losses to the patina.

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Dimensions 12 × 10,5 × 30 cm

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