By Louis Auguste Moreau Set of Two Boys Spelter Sculptures 19th Century


Introducing exquisite 19th-century sculptures by Louis Auguste Moreau on 1stdibs. “Sortie d’école” depicts a joyful boy with a spinning top, clad in a charming outfit, standing on a red faux marble-painted wooden base. Beside him, “Oh !!! Eh” captures another youngster calling out to friends, with marbles scattered at his feet. He wears a buttoned vest, short pants, and a shoulder bag—likely his satchel. Both sculptures, crafted in regule, stand gracefully on wooden bases mimicking red marble. These intricate pieces, brimming with nostalgic charm, make a captivating addition to any collection. Explore the timeless artistry of Louis Auguste Moreau and bring a touch of 19th-century elegance to your space.

Additional information

Sortie d'Ecole

H 41 cm
W 17 cm
D 15 cm

OH!!! EH

H 36 cm
D 15 cm

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