Emerald Green Half-Glazed Terracotta Olive Oil Pot with Two Handles


This superb 19th century antique French terracotta pot, half-glazed in vibrant emerald green, began its life as a utilitarian household vessel for the preservation and storage of olive oil. Fully glazed inside, only the upper half of the exterior is glazed – now beautifully aged and crazed, with plenty of scuffs and chips evidencing its previous long and fascinating history. In times gone by, this half glazing would have allowed the pot to be buried halfway down in cool soil to maintain a low storage temperature without the glaze peeling away. Two elegantly curved side handles flank the wide opening, adding greatly to its charm. This pot would look equally magnificent now filled with a bouquet of flowers, or displayed on its own as a decorative feature.

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22 cm


28 cm

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