Aubusson Pastoral Tapestry featuring a Gallant Scene


A fine and exuberant late 19th century Aubusson tapestry, depicting a gallant scene in a pastoral setting. Two maidens recline in a small boat on a river, against a background of trees and rocky outcrops in the distance. A young man pays his compliments to them, while his hunting dog splashes around them, carrying its prey. The tapestry is rectangular in shape, and woven within a wonderful faux gold frame ornamented with flourishes at its corners and sides.

The small French town of Aubusson, on the River Creuse, is famed for its tradition of weaving elegantly elaborate tapestries. They often depicted romantic pastoral, historic or architectural scenes and were particularly noted for their compositions of garlands and bouquets, becoming famous and sought after throughout Europe. In 1665, the weavers of Aubusson were granted the title of ‘Royal Manufacturer, and received commissions from Louis XV, Louis XVI and Napoleon I. A 1786 inventory lists more than one hundred Aubusson carpets at the palace of Versailles and a 1789 inventory of all royal palaces describes a great many more.

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Dimensions 125 × 1 × 158 cm

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