18th Century Superb Gilt Bronze Mounted Writing Lady Desk, by DELORME


Dating back to the Louis XV period, this exquisite petite writing table bears the hallmark of Delorme (Adrien Delorme, granted the title of Master on 22/06/1748). Functioning as a writing table or lady’s bureau, it boasts marquetry craftsmanship and unveils a triad of drawers: a central drawer and two smaller drawers on the right, accompanied by a deeper drawer on the left. Its top surface is adorned with a tawny leather, embellished with a delicate golden edging. The piece is further adorned with opulent bronze ornamentation, showcasing intricate detailing. This elegant table not only serves as a functional writing surface but also stands as a testament to the artistic grandeur and meticulous craftsmanship of the Louis XV era. Its harmonious blend of woodwork, marquetry, leather, and bronze accents encapsulates the essence of this period’s refined aesthetic.

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Dimensions 80 × 47,5 × 71 cm

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