An outsized antique French orientalist oil on canvas


A large and impressive oil painting by Bertrand, depicting a woman with a jug and two children near a fountain. A work from the 19th-century school, Orientalist paintings such as this one would have been intended as a form of soft propaganda in support of French imperialism, depicting the East as a place of backwardness or barbarism, enlightened and tamed by French rule. More often than not, Orientalist artworks would concentrate on depictions of military life or wanton harems, but some, as in this case, represented scenes of quiet domesticity or maternity.

This oil-on-canvas painting is signed ‘Bertrand’ on the lower right. It is mounted within a moulded wooden frame, adorned with foliage-inspired carvings. Please note that there are two small tears – one at the top, and one on the left.

Circa 1850


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Dimensions 195 × 195 cm

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