19th Century Louis XIV Style Three-Piece Gigot Lamb Carving Set


A superbly presented Louis XIV-style three-piece ‘Gigot’ lamb carving set, comprising a carving knife, carving fork and leg-bone holder, or ‘manche à gigot’. The leg-bone holder is an unusual item, and is used to assist in the carving of a joint of meat that is on the bone, clamping it in its forked section so that it can be held steadily for the knife, and adjustable to different thicknesses of bone using the attached screw. Nestling inside an emerald green velvet lined presentation case, the three implements are crafted with silver-mounted handles, which are ornately decorated with a swirling Rococo design of marguerites and entwined foliage. The set is in good condition, with some light surface scratches, in keeping with its age and usage.

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Dimensions 35,5 × 14,5 × 4 cm

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