Exceptional and Wide Antique Persian Kirman rug


An outstanding antique Persian Kirman rug woven with a mesmerizing pattern reminiscent of a stained-glass window. Bold pinks, blues, reds and golds abound in an intricate botanical design, radiating outwards from an exquisite eight-petalled flower motif, across a field of vibrant vines set against backgrounds of cream and dark indigo. The border is rich and complex, comprising multiple bands of wide and thin floral stripes woven in similar colours as the field. This oversized rug is made with the finest cotton, velour and an exceptional quality of wool.

The remote oasis town of Kirman was located in the great desert of southern Persia and has, for centuries, been an important rug weaving centre. Founded in the 4th century, it was an important stop for those travelling along the trading routes between Iran and India.

Prized for the quality and complexity of their weave, Kirman carpets were eagerly sought out in Europe and America for their soft, graceful style and vibrant colour palette, the weavers having access to the prized and extremely expensive cochineal dye which produced the rich, bluish reds unique to their craft.

Circa 1930.

Area of South-East Persia.

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Dimensions 418 × 294 cm

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