18th Century French Louis XVI Period Giltwood Mirror


Transport yourself to the opulent charm of the 18th century with this exquisite giltwood mirror from the era of Louis XVI. Adorned with a resplendent giltwood frame, this mirror boasts a majestic presence. Its crown, embellished with a beautifully crafted giltwood bouquet of flowers, adorns the top with intricate elegance. This ornate piece, meticulously designed and delicately gilded, encapsulates the essence of the period’s sophistication and refinement. Whether perched elegantly upon a surface or gracefully adorning a wall, this mirror exudes timeless grandeur. Its intricate details and elaborate craftsmanship reflect the aristocratic style synonymous with the Louis XVI era, showcasing a harmonious blend of intricate design and luxurious materials. A testament to the impeccable artistry of its time, this mirror stands as a captivating symbol of historical elegance and beauty.”

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Dimensions 32 × 60 cm

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