Large Oil on Panel: ‘The Cowherder by the Pond’, by Charles Dhuin


Oil on panel: ‘The Cowherder by the Pond’, by Charles Dhuin, painted around the end of the 19th century, and signed in its lower right corner. This idyllic pastoral scene, with its luminous sky and finely detailed characters, represents a snapshot from time gone by. A young woman in rustic dress, and brandishing her herding stick, pauses next to a muddy expanse of water to let her livestock rest and drink. In the distance, just visible, are white-washed houses with terracotta roofs, and behind her and set against the bright sky are trees in various states of undress – some with just a few leaves and others turning their autumn gold. This delightful painting is mounted within an incredibly ornate gilt frame.

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Dimensions 111 × 7 × 82 cm

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