French yellow Confit Pot


Magnificent French confit pot, “pot à graisse ou pot à confit”, dating from the 19th century, with its characteristic bright yellow glaze and two side handles.

In southern France in the 19th century these mustard coloured pots were used to conserve meat. They were filled up with duck fat, covering and preserving the meat, then they were stored in cellars, partially buried in the ground. Pottery being porous, it was absorbing moisture to help in the preservation. That’s why there is no glaze on the lower part of most pots.

They are highly decorative elements, especially when several sizes and shapes are grouped together

 Sturdy and hardwearing, these pots are becoming increasingly rare. They make beautiful sculptural items in themselves, or can be filled with dried flowers for a wonderful table centrepiece.

This old and well-used piece displays signs of cracking, small chips and damaged glaze as you would expect for an item of this age, but this only adds to its charm. 

Circa 1860

Area of Narbonne. South-west of France


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33 cm


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