Pair of Japanese Satsuma ‘Moriage’ Vases with ‘Immortals’ Design


This handsome pair of 20th century glazed and gilded Japanese Satsuma vases, with their vivid, jewel-like colours and elegant baluster-shaped forms, feature the traditional Japanese design motif of the “Immortals” – characters who displayed such greatness that they were unable to die, and who were reproduced as images that convey good luck, fortune, peace and happiness. Beautifully hand painted with embellishments of floral and geometric shapes in colours of green, red, orange and brown, this pair of matching vases are wonderful examples of the ‘moriage’ decorative technique, in which slip or coloured clay is applied over a matt glaze to give the piece a three-dimensional appearance. Bright, gilded highlights throughout ensure that these captivating porcelain vases will catch and reflect the sunlight wherever they are placed. Both are signed on the base.

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30 cm


18 cm

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