A 19th century “Prie-Dieu” chair


An ornate Prie-Dieu (literally “pray-God”) in mahogany-stained walnut, its intricately carved openwork panel comprising the motif of a cross amid swirling acanthus foliage. The knee rest (kneeler) is beautifully upholstered in a tapestry of floral design, including sprays of roses surrounding a cross, while the padded and tapestried armrest displays the christogram IHS, which is commonly held to be a monogram or symbol for the name of Jesus Christ. This type of prayer desk was primarily designed for private, devotional use, but was also sometimes used in churches. This particular example originates from a private chapel in Provence, in the south of France, and dates from the 19th century. Some small areas show signs of restoration.

Circa 1840.

Found in Cassis, a small village of the Mediterranean coast.

Additional information

Dimensions 49 × 55 × 95,5 cm
Seat Height

24 cm

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