Marble-Topped Buffet de Chasse in Carved Oak, France 18th century


A wonderful and substantial 18th century ‘buffet de chasse’ (huntboard) in moulded and carved oak, topped with an imposing slab of characterful red and green Levanto marble. Typically found in hunting lodges, a ‘buffet de chasse’ would be used for presentation of game after the hunt, with the quarry placed on the stone for all to see. Slightly higher than a typical buffet or sideboard, it also made an ideal serving space from around which hungry hunters could stand and eat after long day on the trail. This exquisite example features a façade of two doors adorned with arched mouldings and beautifully carved shells and acanthus foliage, while the sturdy feet are designed to support the heavy combined weight of the oak and marble. This piece would make a grand statement in any interior needing a stately buffet.

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Dimensions 154,5 × 45 × 98,5 cm

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