Louis XVI Trumeau Mirror with Mischievous Cherubs Design


This fabulous full-height Louis XVI-style trumeau mirror is crafted from wood and gilded stucco, its bevelled mirror plate enclosed within an elaborately carved triple-pearl and twisted rope border. Neoclassical in design, the upper portion of the mirror is topped with an exuberant ribbon garland, while below, and perhaps most surprisingly, the inset panel features a cheeky depiction of a group of cherubs spanking each others’ bare behinds! This saucy tableau is set innocently within a festooned garland of ribbons and flowers, which makes it all the more unexpected. A very charming mirror, full of character, which would look wonderful in a stand-alone position on a wall, or set above a fireplace mantle.

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Dimensions 88 × 11 × 179 cm

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