20th Century Large Tabriz Persian Rug in a black background


This large and exceptionally detailed Tabriz Persian rug woven from high quality wool and silk is a particularly fine example, and dates from around the 1960s. The historic city of Tabriz is the capital of the north western province of Azerbaijan, in north east Iran, and is one of the most important centres for Persian carpet weaving. Here, Tabriz rugs and carpets are woven by skilled local weavers working on vertical looms, expertly creating soft, smooth-textured short pile rugs using only the highest quality wool and silk. This wonderful piece is crafted in a rich palette of colours including crimson, green, blue and red, all brought into vivid focus against a black background. The principal design is incorporated into a large rectangle and features an entwined melée of flora and fauna. Upon closer inspection, there are fabulous points of interest in these designs, including fantastical scenes of hunting and prey animals, glorious birds of paradise and exotic rosette-style flowers. Around this is a wide border woven with a repeating design of matching motifs and which is bound all around its outer edge in black.

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Dimensions 338 × 236 cm

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